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10 Best 2017 All-Wheel-Drive Sports Cars

4. BMW M240i

More power, electric acceleration, efficient fuel consumption, an updated engine, and noteworthy gadgets were all justifications for reintroducing the BMW M235i as the all new AWD sports coupe, the 2017 BMW M240i. In an effort to maximize customization BMW offers a plethora of packages and options to each of their cars.

Lesson number one in the world of BMW is to always do your homework. The BMW XDrive line symbolizes its AWD models. The 2017 M series consists of ten elite models with adrenaline-rushing power, comparable to track standards, setting the M series apart from the average BMW.

The 2017 BMW M240i XDrive starts at $46,450 dollars, and comes standard as a 3.0 L turbocharged 6-cylinder with 340 HP. It is fully loaded with an 8.8” display, Wi-Fi, and manually adjustable front sport seats to hold you in around every turn. It also includes maximized traction and a self-monitoring AWD system that senses road conditions before you do. That’s because it’s more than a car it’s your partner.

Many consumers remain confused why the starting price for the BMW M2 is about $5,000 dollars more. After all, the name BMW M240i seems to be a higher trim level than just a regular M2. There’s good reasoning behind the plumped-up price tag, such as the BMW M240i XDrive comes with a newly designed engine, more torque, better suspension, and less fight with the steering wheel. Thus resulting in a smoother ride than the M2.

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