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How will the 2019 Honda Accord defend its claim as America’s unsurpassed new-car value?

2019 Honda Accord

What changes will make the 2019 Honda Accord different? Maybe a new color or two, hopefully a more liberal distribution of safety features, almost certainly higher prices, definitely tougher competition. Coming off a complete model-year-2018 redesign, Honda’s four-door sedan will ...

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Can the best get better? 2019 Honda CR-V could gain hybrid, new sporty model

2019 Honda CR-V

What changes will make the 2019 Honda CR-V different? Possible addition of a gas-electric hybrid model to the lineup of Honda’s best-selling vehicle. It would join hybrid versions of the Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4, and Mitsubishi Outlander as the only ...

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How will the best get better? Honda ponders V-6 alternatives

2019 Honda Pilot

What changes will make the 2019 Honda Pilot different? Revised styling; wider availability of key safety features; and new, more fuel-efficient engines – including turbocharged four-cylinder and hybrid options – are in the mix as Honda updates its biggest crossover ...

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All-new 2018 Honda Odyssey aims for greater comfort, safety, features and style

2018 Honda Odyssey

Updated May 25th, 2018 What changes will make the 2018 Honda Odyssey different? Everything, as befits the fully redesigned edition of Honda’s popular minivan. The first all-new Odyssey since model-year 2011, the ’18 amps up this family hauler’s blend of ...

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Good, but good enough to stave off new rivals? The 2018 Honda HR-V faces new challenges

2018 Honda HR-V

Updated November 13th, 2017 2018 Honda HR-V Buying Advice This is the best subcompact crossover for you if you’re looking for big space in a small footprint. Honda’s tiniest crossover debuted as a 2016 model, slotting below the compact CR-V ...

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Honda to rest on laurels with 2018 Civic. Good thing they’re considerable

2018 Honda Civic

What changes will make the 2018 Honda Civic different? A break from change is the news, following two very busy model years for Honda’s venerable compact car line. Figure no more than a new color choice or two for ’18 ...

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All-new ’18 Accord promises improvements to the benchmark midsize sedan, but here’s why some buyers shouldn’t wait for it

2018 Honda Accord

Updated November 13th 2017 2018 Honda Accord Buying Advice The fully redesigned Accord is the best car for you if you believe midsize sedans aren’t dead yet. Family cars, once the industry’s most popular segment, are today being outsold by ...

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Hey, Honda, how about a little safety-system democracy? It’s the only dent in the 2018 Pilot’s excellence

What changes will make the 2018 Honda Pilot different? Probably very little. Expect the 2018 Honda Pilot to be a virtual re-run of the 2017 Pilot – itself a little-altered continuation of the all-new, third-generation Pilot that debuted for model-year ...

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Tough act to follow: how will 2018 Honda CR-V defend its claim as best all-around compact crossover SUV?

2018 Honda CR-V

Updated October 24th, 2017 2018 Honda CR-V Buying Advice This is the best compact crossover for you if you recognize that “best in class” needn’t mean No. 1 by every measure. Indeed, the ’18 CR-V is outdone here and there ...

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How does the 2017 Honda Pilot handle in the snow?

The Pilot is about as capable in the snow as one can expect from a large three-row SUV. For starters, its front-drive architecture automatically gives the ’17 Pilot better traction over slick or snowy surfaces than would a traditional truck-based ...

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The Redesigned 2017 Honda Ridgeline Looks to Compete with the Other Small Trucks

2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline Buying Advice This is the best truck for you if you want the capability of a midsize pickup and the driving dynamics of a midsize sedan. No other pickup blends those seemingly disparate virtues like the fully ...

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Great crossover, Honda. But why so stingy with blind-spot protection? Is there change in store for the 2017 Pilot?

2017 Honda Pilot

What changes will make the 2017 Honda Pilot different? Very few, following a praiseworthy model-year 2016 redesign. That was the first complete remake of this midsize crossover since model-year 2009. The ’17 Pilot will carry on with the sleeker styling, ...

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How bold with Honda get with the completely redesigned 2017 CR-V?

2016 Honda CR-V

Last Update August 6th, 2016 What changes will make the 2017 Honda CR-V different? Most everything. America’s top-selling crossover will be fully redesigned but won’t veer from its role as a roomy, economical compact with wide appeal. It’ll grow slightly, ...

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Versatile hatchback, hot Si, and torrid Type R set to upgrade 2017 Honda Civic

What changes will make it different? An additional body style and sporty new models. They’ll join the mainstay four-door sedan and two-door coupe that were redesigned for model-year 2016. They kicked off the 10th generation of this popular compact car, ...

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2017 Honda Accord Is Redesigned – Review, Prices, Buying Advice

 Last Update August 19th, 2016 What changes make 2017 Honda Accord different? This venerable nameplate turns 40 for model-year 2017, and Honda celebrates by resurrecting a gas-electric Hybrid model and adding a new midlevel trim, the Sport Special Edition. About ...

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Top 12 Things to Know Before You Buy a 2016 Honda HR-V

1. What’s new for 2016? A fresh Honda nameplate on an all-new subcompact crossover. Based on the automaker’s pacesetting Fit hatchback, HR-V joins the burgeoning mini-SUV class to compete with the Chevrolet Trax, Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3 and others for ...

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Top 12 Things to Know Before You Buy a 2015 Honda CR-V

1. What’s new for 2015? Cosmetic updates, better fuel economy, and the most luxurious CR-V model ever. This five-seater is the sales leader in America’s highly competitive compact-crossover-SUV category and the ’15 freshening also upgrades cabin materials. A new grille, ...

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Top 12 Things to Know Before You Buy a 2016 Honda Pilot

1. What’s new for 2016? Everything but the name. Sleeker styling, more power yet better fuel economy, and overdue safety features mark the first full redesign of this midsize crossover since model-year 2009. Looking much like an inflated version of ...

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Top 12 Things to Know Before You Buy a 2015 Honda Pilot

1. What’s new for 2015? Honda’s square-shouldered midsize crossover SUV gets only minor changes for 2015. A newly added Pilot Special Edition (SE) trim level at about the middle of the product line includes pewter gray aluminum alloy wheels, a ...

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12 Things to Know Before You Buy a 2015 Honda Odyssey

1. What’s new for 2015? This stylish and accommodating minivan is unchanged following a modest revision for model-year 2014 that included addition of a six-speed automatic transmission and the much-publicized HondaVAC in-vehicle vacuum cleaning system. This remains one of the ...

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How will Honda protect Fit’s place atop the 2016 subcompact class?

What changes will make it different? Nothing of consequence. This subcompact hatchback entered its third generation in model-year 2015, so an overhaul for ’16 isn’t in the cards. Nor does it need one. The most amazing thing about this five-passenger ...

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Can the Honda Civic Compete in the Competitive Compact Class For ’16

What changes will make it different? This enduring compact was refreshed for the 2014 model year, so it carries over largely unchanged into model-year ’15. Rumors have circulated that an all-new model is on deck, although Honda is staying tight-lipped ...

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Honda Looks to Attract the Upscale Crowd With the New CR-V Touring

What changes will make it different? Not much. The crossover was freshened for 2015 with a new front and back, better fuel economy, and additional safety features for top-end models. The ‘16 edition should see little to no changes. Perhaps ...

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All New Engine, Exterior, and Interior Are Expected For the Future Honda Ridgeline

What changes will make it different? The current Ridgeline has been around since 2005, which is a lifetime in the auto industry. Although the rules for cars and SUVs don’t necessarily apply to pickup trucks, a decade is plenty long ...

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What To Do With a Popular But Dated Vehicle? Honda Will Give Their Answer With the Updated 2016 Pilot

What changes will make it different? Probably not as many as some would like to see, given that it has remained largely the same since its introduction in 2009. It will still be a three-row midsize crossover SUV, although recent ...

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The Honda Odyssey Is Already A Great Family Mover and Could Get Major Update in ’16

What changes will make it different? Hang on to your hats, folks, because there are big changes ahead for this highly rated minivan. Nevertheless, it’s still a matter of conjecture as to whether the all-new sixth generation will appear as ...

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A Good Engine and Upscale Features Haven’t Been Enough for the Crosstour. Does Honda Have a Solution For ’16?

What changes will make it different? Let’s be honest: An awful lot needs to change if Honda is going to make a success of this crossover SUV. The model-year 2015 version really doesn’t know what it is or what it ...

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Honda’s popular compact crossover CR-V goes upscale with a meaner appearance and a new premium model

What changes make it different? Bolder styling, better fuel economy yet more torque, and a new top-line model packed with safety features. This is America’s best-selling SUV and the changes are intended to make it more appealing to affluent buyers. ...

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Will Sharper Styling And Better Gas Mileage Improve the 2016 Accord

What changes will make it different? Probably styling and possibly a powertrain upgrade. This popular midsize four-door sedan and two-door coupe are due a freshening and it’ll likely come for model-year 2016. Look for designers to lift a few exterior ...

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Smaller Outside, Bigger Inside, Better In Every Way. If You Can Find a Finer Subcompact Hatchback, Buy It

What changes make it different? Almost everything. Redesigned for the first time since model-year 2009, this subcompact hatchback gets sleeker styling, more power, better fuel economy, and additional features. It retains its mini-wagon profile and the aptly named “Magic Seat,” ...

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Want a 16-Inch Video Screen And a Built-In Vacuum For Popcorn You’ll Spill? Here’s Your Ride.

What changes will make it different? A few new color choices, perhaps. But that’s about it after a model-year-’14 revamp that brought updated styling and a host of new safety and convenience features. This popular seven- and eight-seat family hauler ...

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Updates To Honda’s Popular Compact Crossover Could Include Different Styling And a New Transmission

What changes will make it different? Exterior styling tweaks, a freshened interior, and maybe a new transmission are likely on tap for Honda’s popular small SUV. Today’s version of this utility vehicle was all-new for 2012 and is on schedule ...

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Updated For ’13 And ’14, Would Honda Revise the Civic Yet Again For 2015?

What changes will make it different? Expect the 2015 versions of these outstanding compact sedans and coupes to largely stand pat following a round of 2014 enhancements that included a major shift in transmission philosophy. Following a model-year 2012 redesign ...

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Why Shouldn’t Wait For the 2015 Accord – And Why You Should; A Look Ahead at Honda’s Midsize Sedan

What changes will make it different?  Don’t expect too much. Honda redesigned its popular four-door midsize sedan and two-door coupe for model-year 2013 and added gas/electric and plug-in electric hybrid sedans for ’14. The carmaker is working on a new ...

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