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Best all-around compact crossover for families? 2022 Nissan Rogue is hard to beat

The popular 2022 Rogue will continue as arguably America’s most family-friendly compact crossover SUV, packed with standard safety features and smartly priced.

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2022 Toyota Venza crossover: high-fashion and hybrid-only

2021 Toyota Venza Limited By Chuck Giametta What changes will make the 2022 Toyota Venza different? Toyota could add another trim level – a sporty XSE model is a reasonable possibility. But that won’t fundamentally change the 2022 version of ...

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Lame duck but still soaring: 2022 Mazda CX-5

2021 Mazda CX-5 By Chuck Giametta What changes will make the 2022 Mazda CX-5 different? Very little, in what’s probably this compact-crossover SUV’s final model year before a full redesign. The 2022 CX-5 might gain a new color choice or ...

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2022 Toyota RAV4 poised to defend top-selling-crossover crown

2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid By Chuck Giametta What changes will make the 2022 Toyota RAV4 different? Little of consequence as Toyota prepares America’s best-selling crossover for a model-year-2023 refresh. Likely limited mostly to cosmetic tweaks, the ’23 refresh won’t fundamentally ...

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2021 Honda CR-V compact crossover: again the overall best in class?

By Chuck Giametta What changes will make the 2021 Honda CR-V different? 2020 Honda CR-V Touring Maybe some new colors, hopefully a Sport edition. Realistically, little newsworthy following a significant model-year-2020 refresh that updated styling, extended safety features, and introduced ...

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Will freshened 2020 Honda CR-V add hybrid, Sport models?

2020 Honda CR-V

What changes will make the 2020 Honda CR-V different? Freshened styling, a new sporty trim level, and perhaps a gas/electric hybrid drivetrain. Those would be part of the mid-lifecycle update for this critically and commercially successful compact crossover SUV if ...

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Can the best get better? 2019 Honda CR-V could gain hybrid, new sporty model

2019 Honda CR-V

What changes will make the 2019 Honda CR-V different? Possible addition of a gas-electric hybrid model to the lineup of Honda’s best-selling vehicle. It would join hybrid versions of the Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4, and Mitsubishi Outlander as the only ...

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Tough act to follow: how will 2018 Honda CR-V defend its claim as best all-around compact crossover SUV?

2018 Honda CR-V

Updated October 24th, 2017 2018 Honda CR-V Buying Advice This is the best compact crossover for you if you recognize that “best in class” needn’t mean No. 1 by every measure. Indeed, the ’18 CR-V is outdone here and there ...

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How bold with Honda get with the completely redesigned 2017 CR-V?

2016 Honda CR-V

Last Update August 6th, 2016 What changes will make the 2017 Honda CR-V different? Most everything. America’s top-selling crossover will be fully redesigned but won’t veer from its role as a roomy, economical compact with wide appeal. It’ll grow slightly, ...

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Top 12 Things to Know Before You Buy a 2015 Honda CR-V

1. What’s new for 2015? Cosmetic updates, better fuel economy, and the most luxurious CR-V model ever. This five-seater is the sales leader in America’s highly competitive compact-crossover-SUV category and the ’15 freshening also upgrades cabin materials. A new grille, ...

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Honda Looks to Attract the Upscale Crowd With the New CR-V Touring

What changes will make it different? Not much. The crossover was freshened for 2015 with a new front and back, better fuel economy, and additional safety features for top-end models. The ‘16 edition should see little to no changes. Perhaps ...

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Honda’s popular compact crossover CR-V goes upscale with a meaner appearance and a new premium model

What changes make it different? Bolder styling, better fuel economy yet more torque, and a new top-line model packed with safety features. This is America’s best-selling SUV and the changes are intended to make it more appealing to affluent buyers. ...

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Updates To Honda’s Popular Compact Crossover Could Include Different Styling And a New Transmission

What changes will make it different? Exterior styling tweaks, a freshened interior, and maybe a new transmission are likely on tap for Honda’s popular small SUV. Today’s version of this utility vehicle was all-new for 2012 and is on schedule ...

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