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Beauty, a bit of brawn: is the 2023 Acura MDX the top all-around premium-crossover value?

2022 Acura MDX A-Spec By Chuck Giametta What changes will make the 2023 Acura MDX different? Access to a full model year of the high-performance Type S variant, but mainstream versions of the 2023 MDX won’t change. They’ll carry forward ...

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2022 Acura TLX: legit 3 Series, C-Class, A4 alternative?

Acura has achieved a Germanic feel some German-brand rivals don’t always deliver.

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Old-school spirit: 2021 Toyota 4Runner upholds traditional SUV values

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail By Ed Piotrowski and CarPreview staff What changes will make the 2021Toyota 4Runner different? A Trail trim level with accessories designed for those who spend time in parts unknown. Otherwise, this old-school midsize SUV should return ...

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Will the redesigned Lexus NX crossover be a 2021 or 2022 model?

2020 Lexus NX 300 F Sport By Chuck Giametta What changes will make the 2021 Lexus NX different? Probably very little – unless Lexus proves prognosticators wrong. An all-new version of this small, premium-crossover SUV is in the works. But ...

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Old but still gold? 2021 Lexus RX aims to hold off younger premium midsize-crossover rivals

What changes will make the 2021 Lexus RX different? 2020 Lexus RX 350L By Chuck Giametta Little more than a new paint color or two on the heels of a model-year-2020 refresh for America’s top-selling premium midsize crossover SUV. The ...

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Model-year muddle: a redesigned Lexus NX is coming, but as a 2020 or 21?

2020 Lexus NX What changes will make the 2020 Lexus NX different? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. A fully redesigned version of Lexus’s popular small crossover is in the works. But only the insiders at Toyota’s luxury division know whether it’ll ...

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2020 Lexus IS premium compact sedan: game over? Or is a BMW six in its future?

2020 Lexus IS What changes will make the 2020 Lexus IS different? Little of note while the fate of Lexus’s entry-level car hangs in the balance. Rumors abound. Some reports suggest model-year 2020 could be the last for this compact ...

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Petite but posh, the 2020 Lexus UX premium subcompact crossover is a likable little surprise

2020 Lexus UX What changes will make the 2020 Lexus UX different? Hardly anything, as this surprisingly refined premium subcompact crossover heads into its sophomore season. “Urban + X-over (crossover) = UX” decodes the name, and this little five-seater does ...

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Looking at a Lexus LS? Don’t wait for the 2020. Here’s why.

2020 Lexus LS What changes will make the 2020 Lexus LS different? Probably not much after this full-size premium sedan received a clean-sheet redesign for model-year 2018, followed by new safety and convenience features for 2019. It’ll return little-changed for ...

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2019 Lexus ES Review, Pricing and Buying Advice

2019 Lexus ES

2019 Lexus ES Buying Advice This is the best premium midsize sedan for you if “Steady as she goes” is your mantra. All new for model-year 2019, the ES kicks off its seventh generation with a redesign aimed at giving ...

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2019 Lexus RX Review, Prices and Release Date

2019 Lexus RX Buying Advice This is the best premium-midsize crossover for you if you believe one of the segment’s pioneers is still at the head of the class. Lexus shook the luxury-vehicle market with the 1998 launch of the ...

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2018 Lexus LC Review, Prices and Buying Advice

2018 Lexus LC

2018 Lexus LC Buying Advice This is the best premium coupe for you if you want to drive a concept car come to life. Introduced for model-year 2018, the LC is the new flagship two-door from Toyota’s luxury Lexus division. ...

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2018 Lexus GS Review, Pricing and Buying Guide

2018 Lexus GS

2018 Lexus GS Buying Advice This is the best car for you if you want a midsize luxury sedan that flies under the radar – and one soon to become even more rare than it already is. This rear-wheel-drive-based four-door ...

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2018 Lexus GX 460 Review, Pricing and Buying Advice

2018 Lexus GX 460 Buying Advice This is the best premium SUV for you if you want to blend new-school luxury and features with old-school capability. The Lexus GX 460 is an anachronism in an automotive marketplace filling with smaller, ...

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Third seating row to expand capacity – and appeal – of 2018 Lexus RX midsize luxury crossover

2018 Lexus RX

Last Updated October 9th, 2017 What changes make the 2018 Lexus RX different? A third seating row to create the first seven-passenger version of America’s best-selling premium SUV. Increasing capacity from five gives Toyota’s luxury division its first direct competitor ...

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Upgraded standard safety features, third seating row coming for Lexus RX. Will they be here for 2017?

2017 Lexus RX

What changes will make the 2017 Lexus RX different? A seven-passenger version of this popular midsize luxury crossover is coming – but not until late 2017, and probably as a 2018 model. Meantime, the 2017 edition of America’s bestselling premium ...

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