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Delightful (and devilish) dozen: what to drive when styling and performance are paramount

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These are the purebreds, designed from the first stroke of the engineer’s mouse to advance the pleasure of driving. Their powertrains and suspensions are crafted to deliver what their gorgeous bodies promise: excitement. Each is reserved for an intimate two ...

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Nobody needs one, but who wouldn’t want one of the 11 Best Luxury Cars for 2015?


What defines a luxury car in an age in which the average family sedan can be fitted with amenities that a few years ago were exclusive to the premium class? A true luxury-brand name is of course essential. So is ...

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Rated by cradle-to-grave pollution, here are the 11 cleanest crossover SUVs for 2015


Here are the 11 most environmentally friendly crossover SUVs, based on “Green Score” rankings compiled by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. The scores are based on fuel economy and tailpipe emissions, as well as “cradle to grave” ...

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Want to drive Earth-friendly? Better learn the Green Score of these 2015 new cars.


Fuel-efficient cars generally pollute less than cars that burn more gas. But an automobile’s environmental impact isn’t limited to its tailpipe emissions. How clean, for example, is the power source that generates the electricity for your Nissan Leaf? Here are ...

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Old-school and proud of it, these are the best body-on-frame SUVs for 2015


Return with us now to the days of the original sport-utility vehicles. These are essentially trucks with passenger-wagon bodies attached to heavy-duty frames. That’s in contrast to crossover SUVs, in which body and frame is constructed as a single unit ...

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From family values to fabulous adventurers, this list of best crossover SUVs might surprise you

Crossovers are SUVs that are built like cars. Their body and frame is a single unit; the industry term is “unibody.” By contrast, traditional SUVs ride a truck-like frame to which the body is bolted. Crossovers can’t match body-on-frame SUVs ...

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No reason to compromise: Here are the top 2015 premium crossover SUVs

Americans love the space, image, and high seating position of the crossover SUV, and with the economy breathing again and credit accessible, we’re headed upmarket. Here are the 11 best luxury crossovers based on overall excellence and, yes, consideration of ...

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Don’t buy before learning what makes these 21 the best 2015 cars


Here are the best 2015 cars in seven key automotive segments. Overall excellence and value for the dollar are our guiding principles. The base-price range includes the manufacturers’ destination fee, which average around $800. Fuel-economy ratings are the EPA city/highway ...

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11 Best Cars For Baby Boomers

Lincoln MKC Dream Ride

With the kids graduated from college and moving on in life, it’s time to dump the old family car for a shiny new ride. Consider it reward for a job well done. Here are 11 models in as many categories ...

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12 Steps to Getting the Best Deal on a New Car

Scion xB 1

Shopping for a new car needn’t be stressful if you’re organized and do your homework. Take a positive approach to the process and focus on the excitement of the experience, rather than the stress of negotiating the deal. Here are ...

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14 Best Cheap Cars to Buy This Summer

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Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean getting stuck with a dull car. These 14 are “cheap” – their average starting price is $17,100 (and that includes the manufacturers’ destination fees, which average around $795). But they’re also intriguing: sensible sedans, ...

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7 Best Cars For an Executive

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You’ve made it. Now drive a car that reflects your success. Here are seven any executive ought to consider. Presented from least expensive to most, all are 2014 models unless noted. The base prices include the manufacturer’s destination fees, which ...

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11 Best Cars For Tech Lovers

2015 Hyundai Genesis

Be it for economy, performance, safety, convenience, or connectivity, lots of new cars can scratch your geek itch. And some of the least expensive offer tech that until recently was premium-brand stuff. Of course, if you have the means, there ...

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7 Cool Cars Under $30,000

photo 5

Going Webster on you, the slang adjective “cool” means hip or fashionable. Either trait can be fleeting and difficult to identify. But we know a cool car when we see one. Here are seven with a sense of style and ...

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7 Cars That Give You the Most For Your Money

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Buying groceries or investing in a new car — you want a good deal. Here are seven cars that will help you avoid buyer’s remorse. They’re drawn from a variety of size and price classes, from subcompact through midsize to ...

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7 Best SUVs For Moms

2014 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD

Upscale moms, practical moms, new moms, yes, soccer moms: props for all you do for your family. Here are seven 2014 SUVs – crossovers, to be precise — that should make it easier to handle all that loading and unloading ...

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7 Totally Redesigned 2014 Cars That Look Great

2014 BMW 4 Series 6

America’s new-car showrooms contain roughly 170 different 2014-model cars. Eighteen are new nameplates – the Jaguar F-Type and Mercedes-Benz CLA, for example — while 19 are fully redesigned versions of existing models. Here are the most successful of those redesigns. ...

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7 Cars Under $20,000 That Make You Look Rich

2014 Kia Forte 1

It’s not better to look rich than to be rich. But until you become rich, why not appear as if you can afford to drive what you want? Call it envisioning. Sure, you can spend $20,000 on a (well) used ...

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The Best Cars of 2015

The best cars are class benchmarks for value, dependability, safety, and performance. Led by our Best Overall Car of 2015, here are the leaders in a variety of segments, from best inexpensive car to best luxury car, best fuel-efficient car ...

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2014 Best Mileage SUVs: Five Top Fuel-Efficient SUVs Under $40,000

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek 6

There was a time “fuel efficient” and “SUV” couldn’t be used in the same sentence without a qualifier — such as “not very.” But advancements in design, engineering, and technology mean modern crossovers and SUVs can achieve car-like gas mileage ...

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The Best Crossover SUVs of 2014

2014 Subaru Forester 1

From economical compacts like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 to roomy family haulers, such as the Chevrolet Traverse and Dodge Durango, crossover SUVs encompass a spectrum of sizes, capabilities, features, and prices. Our Best Crossover SUVs of 2014 surveys ...

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2014 Best Mileage Cars: Top Five Fuel-Efficient New Cars

With fuel prices over $3.00 per gallon in much of the U.S., good mileage is a key consideration in lots of new-car purchases. Here’s your guide to the cars that use the least “conventional” fuel, be it gasoline or diesel. ...

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2014 Best Mileage Luxury SUVs: Five Top Fuel-Efficient SUVs Over $40,000

Think of a luxury SUV – a Cadillac Escalade or Range Rover – and conspicuous consumption may come to mind. But an increasing number of luxury shoppers look to crossovers and SUVs that deliver prestige and style — but with ...

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2014 Best Cheap SUVs

Cheap is relative. There are plenty of great new cars for under, say, $18,000, as demonstrated in CarPreview.com’s 2014 Best Cheap Cars. A new sporty-utility vehicle will cost more. How much more depends on variables such as size, brand, powertrain, ...

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Best Minivans of 2014

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan 6

While most shoppers prefer the style and elevated driving position of crossovers and SUVs, there’s plenty to be said for minivans when it comes to transporting people and their gear. No SUV can match a minivan’s blend of room, family-friendly ...

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2014 Best Cheap Cars – Top 10 Cars Under $18,000

When a brand-new ride sips gas, carries a full factory warranty, and meets the latest safety standards for under $18,000, we’ll happily call it a Cheap Car and choose the best with no apology. The 10 cars here are all ...

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The Best Hybrid Vehicles of 2014

In December 1999, the two-seat Honda Insight became the first production gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle available in the U.S., beating Toyota’s Prius by seven months. It was an inauspicious beginning. Critics quickly labeled all hybrids small, impractical, and suited mostly for ...

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