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7 Best Cars For an Executive

You’ve made it. Now drive a car that reflects your success. Here are seven any executive ought to consider. Presented from least expensive to most, all are 2014 models unless noted. The base prices include the manufacturer’s destination fees, which average about $925.

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Not-So Junior Executive
Base-price range: $39,000 – $44,000 (estimate)
Fuel-economy ratings (EPA city/highway combined): 18 mpg – 28 mpg (est)


No longer is the compact Mercedes the compromise Mercedes. All-new for 2015, the C-Class is larger, prettier, and more prestigious than any previous C-Class. Making this progression possible is the arrival of the smaller, less expensive CLA, which takes over as the entry-level Benz. Replacing the version that launched for model-year 2008, the 2015 C-Class assumes many of the styling cues and some of the advanced features of nothing less than the automaker’s recently redesigned S-Class flagship. There’s finally enough rear legroom to avoid cramping your clients on the way to lunch, and you can even get the ventilation-system fragrance dispenser first seen on the S-Class. The 2015 C-Class debuts with a pair of all-wheel-drive sedans, the C300 4Matic with a 235-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and the C400 4Matic with a 329-horsepower turbo V-6. They’ll be followed by rear-drive versions, including the high-performance C63 AMG. With newfound elegance inside and out, a top-flight cabin, and Mercedes cache, the C-Class has climbed the career ladder.

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