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Delightful (and devilish) dozen: what to drive when styling and performance are paramount

These are the purebreds, designed from the first stroke of the engineer’s mouse to advance the pleasure of driving. Their powertrains and suspensions are crafted to deliver what their gorgeous bodies promise: excitement. Each is reserved for an intimate two ...

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Live large, spend wisely; here are the 11 Best Luxury Cars for 2016

To be a true luxury car in an age when family sedans boast amenities that until recently were premium-class exclusives requires a special automotive alchemy. A genuine luxury-brand origin is essential. So are performance, comfort, and features that elevate it ...

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Want to drive Earth-friendly? Better learn the Green Score of these 2015 new cars.

Fuel-efficient cars generally pollute less than cars that burn more gas. But an automobile’s environmental impact isn’t limited to its tailpipe emissions. How clean, for example, is the power source that generates the electricity for your Nissan Leaf? Here are ...

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Don’t buy before learning what makes these 21 the best 2015 cars

Here are the best 2015 cars in seven key automotive segments. Overall excellence and value for the dollar are our guiding principles. The base-price range includes the manufacturers’ destination fee, which average around $800. Fuel-economy ratings are the EPA city/highway ...

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