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8 Best 2017 All-Wheel-Drive Hatchbacks

2. Mini Cooper Clubman

Portraying a true MINI vibe the elegant and powerful 2017 Mini Cooper Clubman has arrived. It looks as if you zapped a small SUV into a sporty sedan and created a sporty, functional and family friendly vehicle. Features such as a high performance suspension and multiple driving modes come standard with the MINI Clubman and MINI Paceman. The MINI Clubman has enhanced drivability with three driving modes that maximize fuel efficiency, performance, or a mixture of both. A unique six-door design, wide stance, and features such as an automatic foot sensor for the rear doors are what make the Clubman one of a kind. The rear door has been split into two to increase functionality and add style. It comes standard with a manual transmission and is offered in the following trim levels:

  • Cooper starting at $24,100 (3-cylinder, 1.5L, and 134 HP)
  • Cooper S starting at $27,650 (4-cylinder, 2.9L, and 189 HP)
  • Cooper ALL4 starting at $25,900 (3-cylinder, 1.5L, and 134 HP)
  • Cooper S ALL4 starting at $29,450 (4-cylinder, 2.0L, and 189 HP)
  • John Cooper Works ALL4 starting at $35,100 (4-cylinder, 2.0L, and 228 HP)

The trim levels are similar to those offered with the MINI Paceman. Any of the ones including the ALL4 title are standard AWD.  All of the trim levels have the MINI 8-speed TwinPower Turbo engine that is enhanced by Turbocharging, Direct Injection, VALVETRONIC, and Dual VANOS technology.  The Clubman comes standard with advanced features such as navigation, parking assist, and a parking brake that automatically disengages itself when you drive. The Clubman is a great choice if you are looking for a unique AWD hatchback that highlights British Craftsmanship, high performance and practicality.

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