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Redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander: new look, larger siz

2020 Toyota Highlander

What changes will make the 2020 Toyota Highlander different? Everything from stem to stern. The all-new fourth-generation of Toyota’s popular midsize crossover SUV will debut for model-year 2020. It’ll have new styling, updated drivetrains, more convenience features, and should continue ...

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2018 Toyota 86 Review, Pricing and Buying Advice

2018 Toyota 86

2018 Toyota 86 Buying Advice This is the best sports car for you if you want an affordable automotive blank canvas. We hesitate to recommend the Toyota 86 as a daily driver, but it works admirably as a second car ...

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Will the all-new, more powerful 2019 Toyota RAV4 drive as sporty as it looks?

2019 Toyota Rav4

What changes will make 2019 Toyota Rav4 different? Everything. Toyota launches a fully redesigned version of its wildly popular compact crossover SUV for model-year 2019. The fifth-generation RAV4 premiered in static displays at the 2018 New York International Auto Show ...

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2018 Toyota C-HR Review, Pricing and Buying Advice

2018 Toyota C-HR

2018 Toyota C-HR Buying Advice This is the best small four-door hatchback for you if you can compromise to make a fashion statement. Introduced for model-year 2018, the C-HR (Coupe-High Roof) is tough to classify. Its wagon-like body and raised ...

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2019 Toyota Yaris Review, Pricing and Buying Advice

2019 Toyota Yaris

2019 Toyota Yaris Buying Advice This is the best subcompact car for you if you want to experience some automotive yin and yang. This Chinese symbolism represents the duality of dark, or negative (yin) and light, or positive (yang). What’s ...

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2018 Toyota Tundra Review, Pricing and Buying Advice

2018 Toyota Tundra

2018 Toyota Tundra Buying Advice This is the best full-size pickup truck for you if you’re a Toyota loyalist or someone who is open to considering a rig that doesn’t carry the label from a US-based automaker. Tundra went on ...

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It’s a crossover senior citizen, but the 2019 Toyota Highlander still appeals. Here’s why

2019 Toyota Highlander

What changes will make it different? Likely nothing of consequence as this popular midsize crossover SUV nears the end of its third design generation. An all-new Highlander is due for model-year 2020 or ’21. The 2019 edition will again accommodate ...

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As if from an alternative dimension comes the convention-defying Toyota C-HR. Here’s what to expect for 2019

2019 Toyota C-HR

What changes will make the 2019 Toyota C-HR different? Possibly an expanded lineup and maybe even all-wheel drive. That would help round out the appeal of a subcompact crossover SUV that looks like a visitor from an alternate dimension but ...

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What changes update the 2018 Toyota Highlander SUV?

2018 Toyota Highlander Buying Advice This is the best midsize crossover for you’re a fan of the 3 Rs: reliability, roominess, and retained value – and fond of the big S, for safety, as well. Highlander seats up to eight, ...

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Still kickin’: Toyota answers newer minivan rivals with deft update of the 2018 Sienna

2018 Toyota Sienna

What changes will make the 2018 Toyota Sienna different? Updated styling and upgraded safety features. Though short of a full redesign, the changes help the ’18 Sienna compete with the all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey and 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. They also ...

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From a not-quite boulevardier to a no-boundaries bad-boy, the body-on-frame 2018 4Runner has reach

2018 Toyota 4Runner

Last Updated August 22nd, 2017 What changes make the 2018 Toyota 4Runner different? New accessory packages dress up this old-school SUV as it soldiers on as the only surviving midsize utility vehicle with body-on-frame construction. Last redesigned for model-year 2010 ...

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Hybrids hurtin’, and Toyota seems uncertain about how to help its 2018 Prius family

2018 Toyota Prius

Updated January 20th, 2018 2018 Toyota Prius Buying Advice This is the best gas-electric hybrid car for you if you prioritize proven technology and admire otherworldly styling. The ’18 Prius returns as a compact-sized four-door hatchback called the Liftback and ...

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No. 1 in sales, by far. So what changes might benefit the 2018 Toyota Tacoma?

2018 Toyota Tacoma

What changes will make the 2018 Toyota Tacoma different? Minor ones, if any, given this truck’s relative newness. Toyota redesigned America’s best-selling compact pickup for model-year 2016, giving it updated styling and a new engine. For model-year ’17, it shuffled ...

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End approaching for smash-hit RAV4 generation, but 2018 model still has plenty to offer

2018 Toyota Rav4

Updated October 23rd, 2017 2018 Toyota RAV4 Buying Advice This is the best compact crossover SUV for you wanted the RAV4 to become more adventurous. Toyota’s popular “Recreational Activity Vehicle (with) 4-Wheel Drive” has been a household name for more ...

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Buyers loved Highlander’s 2017 changes; how will they respond to Toyota’s modest plans for the ’18?

2018 Toyota Highlander

What changes will make the 2018 Toyota Highlander different? Probably nothing more than a new color choice or two, following a pretty thorough model-year 2017 freshening. The updates, which included tweaked styling and powertrain upgrades, helped spark an 11 percent ...

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Visual panache and vivid performance are lofty goals for the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry.

Last Updated October 23rd, 2017 2018 Toyota Camry Buying Advice This is the best midsize sedan for you if you crave a Camry new from the ground up. America’s most popular car is fully redesigned for model-year 2018, with curvaceous ...

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Today’s Corolla too dull? Wait ‘till 2020. Meantime, the 2018 boasts some solid virtues

Updated October 23rd, 2017 2018 Toyota Corolla Buying Advice This is the best compact car for you if you prioritize function over form — and fun. Other small cars are better looking and more exciting to drive, but few approach ...

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How well do the 2017 Toyota Corolla and Corolla iM handle in the snow?

Good, given they’re front-wheel drive, though no better than the run of compact-car rivals. Like almost every car in the class, the 2017 Toyota Corolla sedan and Corolla iM hatchback have front-wheel drive. That puts the engine’s mass over the ...

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How does the 2017 Toyota Tacoma handle in the snow?

2017 Toyota Tacoma

Quite well, if you get one with 4-wheel drive (4WD). We expect most buyers who live in areas where it snows to select this option as opposed to the standard rear-wheel drive configuration. A rear-drive pickup truck isn’t well suited ...

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How does the 2017 Toyota Prius handle in the snow?

Not bad, given its front-wheel drive and narrow tires. But probably not quite as well as a conventional front-drive car of similar size and tire width. That’s because the Prius spreads its weight out front to rear rather than concentrating ...

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2017 Toyota Camry XLE Review

See Also: Our Review on the 2017 Toyota Camry The Camry XLE is right for… People who appreciate the virtues of a midsize sedan and want one that excels at them all. Camry is America’s No.1-selling car and the XLE ...

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Will cooler styling heat up Corolla’s codger image for 2017?

2017 Toyota Corolla

Last Update September 21st, 2016 What changes make the 2017 Toyota Corolla and Corolla iM different? Revised styling, fresh features, new model names, and adoption of a hatchback body style orphaned by the shutdown of Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion division. Addition ...

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2017 Toyota Tacoma gets a baby Raptor, the off-road rampaging TRD Pro

2017 Toyota Tacoma

Last Update September 20th, 2016 What changes make the 2017 Toyota Tacoma different? A new trim level aimed at hardcore off-road enthusiasts. This compact pickup is already highly capable when traversing parts unknown, but the 2017 TRD Pro model takes ...

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Styling, V-6, transmission, hybrid accessibility — all change for 2017 Toyota Highlander

What changes will make the 2017 Toyota Highlander different? Updated styling, more standard safety features, and an upgraded powertrain. The model line expands, too, with a sport-themed version and lower-cost Hybrid trim levels. These are the most extensive changes to ...

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RAV4 makes run for best compact-crossover title; will the ’17 finally do it?

Last Update August 21st, 2016 What changes makes the 2017 Toyota Rav4 different? Expansion of high-tech safety features to all models, not just the most expensive, and addition of a new flagship trim level. The safety adjuncts include automatic emergency ...

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Plug-in to juice up 2017 Prius line, extending reach of radical new hybrid

Last Update August 22nd, 2016 What changes make the 2017 Toyota Prius different? Newly standard safety gear and re-introduction of a plug-in model designed to travel 22 miles on electricity alone. This report covers the 2017 Toyota Prius Liftback hatchback ...

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Act now if you want a V-6; 2017 Toyota Camry set to close an intriguing chapter

Last Update July 27th, 2016 2017 Toyota Camry Buying Advice This is the best midsize sedan for you if you believe 429,533 new-car buyers can’t be wrong. That how many people took home a new Camry during 2015, making it ...

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Is the Dependability Of the ’16 Enough To Overcome the Bland Design And Keep the Corolla a Class Leader?

What is expected to change? Very minor styling changes are possible, but not probable. The front fascia and grille could get slight revisions, but barring an unexpected Corolla Furia Concept-influenced aesthetic upgrade, the 2016 version of Toyota’s popular compact car ...

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Styling, Fuel Economy, Pricing, Release Date Projections and More For the ’16 Camry

What changes will make it different? No major changes are expected for this popular four-door family sedan from Japan. Freshened for 2015, a full update is not expected until 2018. The ’15 model did not alter the general shape of ...

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Status Quo Is Kept With the Updated Tundra

The Toyota Tundra for model-year 2014 is the best truck for you if you want a revamped pickup that still seems to be searching for its identity. With revised styling and more features, this is the most extensive update since ...

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The All-New Toyota Highlander Acts Like a Minivan But Looks Like SUV

The model-year 2014 Highlander is the best crossover for you if you want a family wagon that looks like an SUV but acts a lot like a minivan. This popular crossover gets its first significant updates since model-year 2008. Its ...

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It’s a Lame Buck, But At 50 mpg City/Highway Combined, This Icon Still Deserves To Top Your Hybrid Shopping List

What changes will make it different? Introduction of a fancy Persona Series Special Edition helps send this generation of the world’s best-selling hybrid out on a luxury note. An all-new design will launch for model-year 2016, billed as a leap ...

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Sharp New Styling, Tighter Handling, More Digital Technology — This Is a Camry?

What changes will make it different? Major revisions to styling, two new sporty models, and tweaks designed to sharpen its driving dynamics. Interior updates include wireless charging for selected smartphones. This is an unusually broad “midcycle” freshening to a midsize ...

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It Got a Lot Better With Its Last Redesign But How Can This Big Sedan Improve Before Next Year’s Likely Restyle?

What changes will make it different? Very few, probably, given that this spacious five-passenger four-door is just two years out from a full model-year 2013 redesign. It got a sleeker look and new features, and gained a gas/electric hybrid version ...

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Styling Tweaks And Clever “Voice Of God” System Enhance a Minivan Still Alone In Class With Available All-Wheel Drive

What will change? A revised grille, available LED headlamps, and addition of the company’s parent-assisting Driver Easy Speak voice-amplifying system highlight updates to this versatile minivan. Should I wait for the 2016 model? This gets complicated. An all-new generation of ...

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With New Styling On the Way, What Alterations Might Improve This Popular Compact Crossover SUV?

What changes will make it different? Probably not a whole lot, considering this popular compact SUV is just two years out from its most recent redesign – and one year away from a midcycle freshening. The ’15 could gain some ...

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The 2014 Redesign Was Successful, If Unexciting. Now What Can They Do To Stay Ahead of the Honda Civic In Sales?

What changes will make it different? Very few. It’s expected to be a virtual rerun of the 2014 model, which was the first fully redesigned edition of this compact sedan since model-year 2009. It introduced sleeker styling, dramatically improved rear-seat ...

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